Topkapi Palace

The house of felicity ;

The most beautiful and best-known of all Istanbul’s sights, Topkapi is the place overlooking
Bosporus where the sultans made their homes and supervised government during the glory
days of the Ottoman Empire ; it is here more than anywhere else in the city that you will feel the ghosts of the Imperial past brushing up against you.

A collection of kiosks and pavilions set in delightful gardens sit alongside the harem, the private quarters of the sultan’s family and the source of much western fantasizing. Here too stands Hagia Eirene (Divine Palace) , partner to the emperor Justinian’s great mosque of Hagia Sophia (Divine Wisdom)

– Museum Information:
Museum is open everyday except Tuesdays. Museum is also closed at first days of the religious festive days until afternoon.

– Baby Cars:
Exhibiton hall is not visited with baby car. Please don’t forget this rule before buy a ticket.

– Sacred Relics Department:
We ask that you refrain from entering the Sacred Relics Department with shorts, mini-skirts, tank tops, or strapless clothing.

– Harem Section:
If you want to visit Harem you have to buy a seperate ticket from the ticket booths where stands outside of the museum or in front of the Harem entrance. Ticket Price for one person for the Harem entrance is 15 TL.

– Hagia Irene:
Hagia Irene Church, which is located at first courtyard of The Topkapi Palace, is opened to visit for visitors. The Hagia Irene Church can be visited as individual visitor from now on. Ticket Price is 20 TL for one person.

– Photo Shooting:
Please, do not take photo inside the exhibition halls in which contains/displays objects for avoid interrupting other visitors’ tour and avoid harm objects with flashlight

Where is Topkapi Palace , Map of Topkapi Palace;

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Topkapi Palace photo gallery:

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