• Make a photocopy of your passport, credit card and tickets before leaving home and store copies in the hotel’s safe.
• Keep a record of your traveler checks and credit cards serial numbers in a separate and safe place in case they are lost or stolen.
• Keep track of your plane or bus tickets.
• While sightseeing or walking on the streets, we suggest carrying -A your purse in front of you and wallet in your front pocket.
• Carry only the cash you need is small denominations and never discuss your plans or the amount of money you are carrying.
• Don’t be flashy with your money, jewellery of other objects of vaule


  1. I have pictures of a woman that tried to scam me for $1200.00. Are you interested in trying to catch her? If so Tell me where to send all the info that I have.
    Sincerely JK Gryllis

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