/Public Transit

Public Transit

• Ask your hotel staff or at any visitor information center in this brochure for directions and bus routes available to and from your destination.
• Public transportation system in Istanbul are operated by private or municpal entities.
• Fares vary by area or route. Make sure to ask for fare before boarding and if possible, have exact change available.
Sightseeing Safety
• Always ask for direction to the sites or places you want to visit.
• City and road maps are available at your hotel or at any of the visitor centers listed in this page.
• If you get lost find an open shop and ask for directions or call our Tourist Assistance Hotline (212) 527 45 03 or 155.
• Avoid driving isolated highways at night and if possible avoid traveling alone.
• Visitors can be targets for pickpockets. Stay alert to what’s going on around you.