• Make sure to have a valid driver’s license and registration for your vehicle.
• Car insurance is mandatory.
• Be aware that speed limits in Turkey are set in kilometers ( 1 mile = 1.6 kms.) While driving respect and obey traffic signs, don’t drink and drive.
• It is a traffic violation to use a cellular phone wile driving in Istanbul Turkey
• Always use your seat belt.
• If your car breaks down, turn on your flashers and raise the hood.
• If you must abandon your car, park safely and keep all passengers together.
• Place maps, travel brochures and valuables in the glove compartment or trunk once you get to your destination. Carry wallets, checkbooks and purses with you.
• Always lock your car and take the keys.
• Never leave your vehicle with the engine running.
• Park in well-lighted, busy areas.
• Whenever you stop overnight, remove bags and other valuables from the car and take them inside your room.
• If your vehicle is stolen, you should immediately call our Tourist Assistance Hotline 1 55 they will direct you on how to go about filing a report with the Police Departments in Istanbul. Just show any documents that proves ownership of the stolen vehicle. The Police Departments will take a report and open an investigation.

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