General Information
Turkish laws apply equally to local resident as well as visitors, remember to be respectful, don’t do things that you wouldn’t do back home and always use common sense.
• It’s important to always have a valid photo I.D.
• If you plan on driving, it is very important that you consider buying Turkish Auto Insurance; you will save a lot of time and hassle in case of an accident.
• It is against the law for anyone to bring into Turkey:
• 1. Firearms, cartridges, bullet clips, explosives, chemical substances associated with weapons, ammunition, munitions, and other weapons. ( Unauthorized buying and selling such items in Turkey is a federal crime carrying severe penalties.)
• Narcotics and other street drugs.


  1. I am looking to be directed to the right department regarding fraud by an Istanbul business. I purchased carpets and received carpets of lower quality, the wrong sizes, the wrong colors and other issues that were promised to me and not delivered. What department can I contact to have a file started and have this looked in to. Thank You.

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